Thoughts behind "Morning Dew"

Posted on November 06 2017

Thoughts behind

1. Tell us how did you get to know about one and another? Tokyo is one of my fav city, and always when I’m there, I would make time to visit one of Kuumba store located at Tomigaya Shibuya-Ku. I got to know the owner, Eiji and we shared plenty of our interests together, be it in politic, economic, music and even on Rastafarianism. So this project came about after we’ve gotten to know each other better and it’s a way of us combining both of our interests together.

2. What is Crossover/Kuumba to you? It’s a symbol of friendship. Of two people, from different backgrounds & continents, but with common philosophy in life and sharing it through our two separate passion; in fragrance & fashion.

3. Share with us the story behind this fragrant’s collaboration. Rather than a story, it’s more of a moment, a brief yet memorable one, I had during one of my drive up to north Malaysia. It was early in the morning, and I had the pleasure of driving along lush greenery & cascading hills & mountains. The air was light, and I’ve got a wisp of pure freshness and for that brief moment, I was completely relax & worry-less.

4. What do you think have made the Crossover x Kuumba special? What makes the Crossover x Kuumba special is perhaps the fact that I chose to share something personal. It’s not for commercial value, the experience itself was not unbelievable. It is an experience that is for everyone, but not many of us really took a step back & appreciate it. Thus, through Crossover x Kuumba incense, I hope to remind people to not take the little things in our life for granted. And, Kuumba known for being a specialist fragrance maker, did a wonderful job of interpreting my experience into refreshing scent.

5. According to you, what is that one thing would you like people to know most about Crossover x Kuumba fragrant? Enjoy the little things in life. We tend to be too caught up with making a living, chasing our dreams that most times we forgot to just live. Having a destination to reach is good, but it’s the journey that we should learn to enjoy first. Take a break from the rat race & smell the roses. Or in this case, smell the refreshing "Morning Dew".