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Malaysia is currently facing one of the worst flooding in years, massively affecting many cities including our capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Heavy downpours that lasted days, saw water rising at unprecedented level leaving many residents trapped in their own homes. With the water level showing no signs of receding, as many as 30,000 people have been rescued and forced to leave their homes and belongings behind, and placed at rescue centers. It is estimate that this situation will continue until January 2022.

Love Respect Unity is a charity tee collaboration project by Crossover with its close brand partners. It is a project solely aim to aid those affected by the recent massive floodings that hits Malaysia. 100% of proceeds from the tee purchase will go to Global Peace Mission Malaysia, in their efforts to help those affected by this natural disaster.


GPM Non Profit Organization under the Trusteeship Law of Malaysia. We had been assembled on 26th September 2001 in an immediate response to the sufferings of the Afghans under intese US military on slaughter and occupation.


GPM invariably stays on to help out with longer term objectives in education, economics, agriculture, health, community development and socio-economic empowerment programs benefiting victims across the boarders.


Together , we create a life-changing wishes for the need. Either be part of us or contribute to the causes. Even the the smallest contribution can make an impact on someone in need. Be part of us now!

Love Respect Unity
Love Respect Unity - CROSSOVER
Love Respect Unity - CROSSOVER
Global Peace Mission Malaysia

100% of proceeds from the tee purchase will go to
Global Peace Mission Malaysia. | Learn more

The Love Respect Unity charity tee is priced at RM169.90, and only available for pre-order. The pre-order will be open from Dec 29th to Jan 9th. Delivery will be arranged by end of January 2022.