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What Brands Do Malaysian Sneakerheads Love the Most?

The boom in sneakers, especially the celebrity-endorsed and limited edition ones, has driven the millennial demand nowadays.  According to the Global Sneaker Market report 2021, this craze has fuelled the sneakers global market to reach US$ 128.7 billion in 2020.

Nowadays, sneakers are more than just a fashion item as means of self-expression. They are now seen as a passion investment due to the high resale value in many cases.

Sneakers are probably the ultimate go-to when it comes to footwear because of the handful selection and brands you can choose from. However, keep in mind that you should select kicks with excellent functionality and style so they can stay on your feet for the long haul.

Before we reveal the most influential brands among the Malaysian sneakerheads, let’s get to know the top four styles they like beforehand.

Top Four Favorite Sneaker Styles

There are a handful of styles available in the market. We have sorted out the most popular ones among the Malaysian sneakerheads—the list including plimsoll/low-tops, high-tops,  athletic, and slip-on (classics).

Plimsoll / low-tops

Converse Chuck 70s - CROSSOVER

Also referred to as low-tops, plimsoll is one of the most famous and common types of footwear.

Defined as having a canvas upper and rubber sole, they were initially developed as beachwear in the 1830s and are still a summer staple for many. Plimsoll sneakers are available in various styles that cater to every individual’s unique taste.


Converse Chuck 70s Hi - CROSSOVER

There is always a space for high-tops in most sneakerheads’ wardrobes, no matter they play basketball or not. It never failed to look great paired with tight-fitted jeans or trousers.

Converse All-Stars, Nike Air Force 1s, and Reebok Freestyles are some examples of the iconic high-tops sneakers.


Adidas ZX 0006 X-Ray Inside Out - CROSSOVER

Athletic, also known as “sport” sneakers, are the best combination of functionality and style. Today’s athletic shoes are designed with specific sports activities in mind, and wearing the appropriate pair can improve comfort and performance. Most importantly, it can prevent injuries.

Despite what you are doing –running or walking, the best option would be to get a pair of these sneakers on your feet.

Slip-on / Classic

Vans Classic Slip On Checkerboard - CROSSOVER

Slip-on sneakers or classic sneakers do not have any shoelaces on them, making it easier to slide your feet into the shoes. It is also safe to say that these sneakers are incredibly casual and comfortable.  However, make sure you are not wearing high socks in slip-on sneakers as it would kill the shoe’s look.

Top Brands that Malaysian Sneakerheads Couldn’t Let Go Of

Here comes the central part of the article, in which we have sorted out the top five popular brands that Malaysian sneakerheads love the most.



Image from Unsplash

Without any doubt, Nike is one of the most recognizable and successful sneaker brands as they have sneakers for everyone’s taste. From low-cut sneakers, bulky high tops to minimalistic, Nike has it all.

Statistics show that Nike is selling over 780 million pairs of shoes each year. The brand never fell behind in creating products that live up to their considerable hype, with a long track record of world-beating performance and technological innovation.

No sneaker lover doesn’t know about one of their most successful basketball sneaker lines at all time,  Air Jordans. This comes together with Air Max and Air Force 1 in building up Nike sneaker dynasties in its own right, which caused more icons in its back catalog than any other sneaker brand.



Malaysian sneakerheads just can’t get enough with this good old three-stripes brand. It’s safe to say that Adidas is always the biggest competitor of Nike at all times. With their never-ending passion for improving product quality by utilizing competitive strategies, we could say that this big brand is maneuvering for an overtake.

Another biggest takeaway from Adidas’s success is the brand has all kinds of sneakers that are both practical and have a fashionable inspired appeal. Also, let’s not forget their contributions as a change leader in sustainability.

Through the whole span of building their brand and consumers’ trust, Adidas has had many designer collaborations, and each new shoe features something unique. These sneakers are highly appreciated by everyone, especially the individuals who are into streetwear and retro fashion.

Adidas Stan Smith - CROSSOVER
Adidas Superstar - CROSSOVER

Yes, Adidas sneakers are beloved classics — the Superstar, Stan Smith, and not to forget the Yeezy collab, Ultra Boost, that changed the game. As real sneaker enthusiasts, we can’t even take our eyes off them for a second


Every sneakerhead has probably rocked a pair of old-school, classic, and authentic Vans before. The brand has always been cool, and its appeal is due in no small part to the timeless appearance, simple styling, modest pricing, and, of course, plentiful color options offered by its designs.


Their new lines and releases are super cool again and handily come in leather. You might be able to grab a piece of a limited-edition collaboration with another movie franchise, brand, or artist.

So, whether you opt for easy-to-wear black, wish to add a dash of color and charisma to your outfit, Vans is a brand for everyone.

New Balance

New Balance - CROSSOVER

New Balance still one of the best in the game.

Like how the company describes its shoes as ‘the perfect blend of function and fashion,’ this Bostonian firm has always been responsible for the comfiest and most iconic running shoes ever made.

The main reason why their iconic kicks are still famous is that they go with everything and come in a kaleidoscope of colors. Moreover, New Balance’s manufacturing approaches have made them a glowing reputation among athletes, sneakerheads, and everyday folks, thus earning a spot in the Malaysian sneakerheads’ hall of fame.


Converse - CROSSOVER

When we talk about Converse, the very first thing that comes across our mind might be the most notably Chuck 70.  Of course, the brand has other excellent shoes, but this is arguably the most iconic sneaker ever made.

Converse has modified various models in its catalog after being bought by NIKE, Inc. in 2003, indicating its significance in the lifestyle space. In this, Converse’s famous high-top, the Chuck Taylor All Star, is one such item.  Additionally, the brand has tapped collaborators like Carhartt WIP, Tyler, Fear Of God, The Creator, and KITH to deliver fashion-forward takes for everyday life.

The 100-year-old design icon has remained 99.9% unchanged and is still the best-selling shoe in many countries. The brand proved a real victory of design when something introduced a century ago is still being used globally today.

Bottom line

Footwear fashion has a thing for all kinds right now, regardless of whatever styles and brands you like. But it’s always been important to go for an appropriate pair– have the attributes of practicality, durability, comfort, and weatherproofing.

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