Your everyday bag—that's what they've been pursuing in the past 20 years in Harajuku.Launched in 2019, Ramidus by Hiroshi Fujiwara was launched as a follow-up brand to one ofJapan's biggest accessory labels; Head Porter. Ramidus offers a wide array of functional dailyaccessories characterized by its signature youthful flair a standard in the coming era originatingfrom the birthplace of street fashion itself.

One of the most celebrated ranges by Ramidus is "Black Beauty", its notoriety earned throughits reputa- tion as a best seller in the past. At Ramidus, it's not an overstatement to say that theytruly are obsessed with everything black. From the interior wadding to the smallest buckle,everything resonates with the deepest blacks for their bags. True classics evolve but remainfamiliar, and so with new technologies at their disposal, their bags are extremely lightweight.

From thisisneverthat, FRAGMENT, Carhartt WIP collabs and more, Ramidus will soon beavailable at Crossover. Stay tuned.