Crossover presents New Balance: Redefining Style and Comfort with the Fresh Foam X 1080 V13 Black

New Balance The New Fresh Foam X 1080 - CROSSOVER

Crossover is thrilled to introduce the special editorial of New Balance's latest release: The New Fresh Foam X 1080 V13 Black. We've teamed up with two remarkable talents, Tzexi and Airil.

This brand-new The New Fresh Foam X 1080 V13 Black continues New Balance's commitment to creating the perfect blend of fashion and function. "Upgrade to first class cushioning" with this stylish and comfortable pair, designed to be your ideal companion for every moment in life. To make it even more exciting, we invited friends from different walks of life to incorporate these shoes into their personal style and daily routines. They'll be sharing their unique experiences and top performances.

From Crossover's perspective, we're all about celebrating the chase for dreams and keeping your style on point, all while never letting go of that essential functionality

New Balance The New Fresh Foam X 1080 - CROSSOVER
New Balance The New Fresh Foam X 1080 - CROSSOVER

Hello, it's nice to meet both of you. Before we proceed, could you provide a quick introduction about yourselves?

Tzexi: Hi, I'm Nigel, but everyone calls me Tzexi. I grew up in Malacca, a small town down south, and I am currently based in Kuala Lumpur running a creative agency and platform called MONOLOGUE. I often like to think of myself as a thinker - now I spend most of my time working with exciting individuals while constantly thinking of ways to translate intangible elements into existence.

Airil: Hi, I'm Airil Ezuan from Ipoh, but you can call me Airil. I'm a full-time photographer and freelance content creator, focusing on fashion and lifestyle. You might be curious about why my content includes "Lorem." Well, it started when I had design blocks, and "LOREM IPSUM" appeared as a placeholder text. I realized it can work as a versatile title, representing the varied content I create, be it related to lifestyle, fashion, photography, or more. That's the story behind it.

What do you consider to be the key elements of "Top Performance"?

Tzexi: Consistency, versatility & durability.

Airil: For me, it's about trusting myself in what I do throughout a process, no matter if it takes a short or long time. What matters is that I'm still making progress. I emphasize being both proactive and reactive in what I've been doing from a few years back until now. Just be patient with the progression.

New Balance The New Fresh Foam X 1080 - CROSSOVER

Could you share a story or experience from your life where you pursued excellence? How do these experiences reflect the definition of "Top Performance"?

Tzexi: I believe we are constantly in the pursuit of excellence rather than actually achieving it. Recently, I've come to realize that true excellence lies in the small things that matter: planning ahead, getting enough sleep, eating well, and developing new habits and rituals that align with our goals. It's about striving to become a little better each day.

Airil: Know your passion and carve out time for it. Explore everything related to what you want to do. Avoid settling too quickly with what you have. Have faith in the process, even if your pace is slower than others. Keep learning and pushing forward. Be creative in your own unique way. And remember, if you ever feel tired, take a break and remind yourself, "Fatigue is temporary."

What advice or insights do you have to offer for those aspiring to achieve excellence in their respective fields?

Tzexi: Be intentional in your actions, always strive to do things the right way, respect the process, and approach it with determination and unwavering consistency.

New Balance The New Fresh Foam X 1080 - CROSSOVER
New Balance The New Fresh Foam X 1080 - CROSSOVER
New Balance The New Fresh Foam X 1080 - CROSSOVER

Special Thanks: Tzexi, Airil and New Balance MY

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