Music In Sessions is all about featuring rising new artists and musicians in our local
community while they don the latest apparels and footwear from Crossover. 

We debut the series with Hao You (@haoaboutyou) , a local singer-songwriter who dabbles
with the genres of pop, R&B, & Hip-Hop. His music is focused on contemporary rhythm and melody.

Hao You's creative approach in the studio revolves around the concept of telling stories as he expresses his
emotions through voice and soundscapes. Being born and raised in Malaysia, Hao You was exposed to diversity in
culture and this mirrors his journey as he explores diverse musical genres. 

His adventurous collaborations with various artists from across relative industries such as fashion also
reflect this craving for diversity in creation. 

This collection features t-shirts, pants, hoodies, jackets, footwear, and
accessories for a price ranging from RM149.90 - RM599.90.