JHin x Crossover

Music has always played a key element to Crossover’s stores. Crossover founder, Jem is heavily influenced by Punk, Post-Rock music thus the stores vibe is partly design based on his music influences. Jem’s network of friends includes some renowed DJ’s locally and internationally, has always been his interest to share music, arts & design that bonds them together in conversations. JHin, one of Malaysian’s DJ shares the same common interest with Jem in music, fashion and arts, came together with this collabration to celebrate the friendship with this collection.

Jhin x Crossover

JHin’s concept and design was to created what Crossover's DNA is, “rebellious-ness”, as the design was created with a thought of the same ethos, with alphabets being randomly scattered and as opposed to the formality of writing in a straight line. Crossover's name is being circled out with the 'anarchism' logo to reflect back crossover's DNA, independence & self-expression as part of Jem’s love for Punk movement.
Jhin x Crossover
- This collaboration marks a friendship that both shares the same history with music, arts and fashion -

Jhin x Crossover

This range will be made available from 16th December 2017 at all Crossover Stores and Online.

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