JASON MARKK Shoe Cleaning 101 with Essential Kit

Using Your Jason Markk Essential Kit To The Fullest
 Jason Markk Essential Kit comprises of a 118ml Premium Shoe Cleaning solution and a Standard Brush per pack. Its a wholesome bundle for both starters or pro, being easy and handy to keep. The purple solution is known for its gentle formula on any materials a shoe could have. Whether its nubuck or knit, pour some solution over the brush, give it a little sprinkle of water and start brushing the tough stains away. Remember to place something inside the shoe to keep its form while cleaning. After wiping the solution off, use a cloth to dry it and leave it to air dry. Its so easy to keep your kicks in check with Jason Markk, a great investment to keep them in a long run. Jason Markk Essential Kit is available for purchase in all CROSSOVER, ONLINE and COVER store.