Crossover turns 17 this year, and to celebrate our anniversary, we sat down with
creative anarchist across Malaysia to hear their side of the story.
 They've overturned opinions and toppled down walls to chase their dreams.

We sat down with Music Producer & Rapper Airliftz (@notairliftz) to learn more
about music producing and how it’s like to be a rapper in Malaysia. We spoke
about his life ambitions and his inspirations as well as some genuine challenges
he's faced throughout his career. 



Q1: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Hi, I’m Alif, I’m a 24-year-old producer, rapper-songwriter from Sungai Long and I make music for a living.

Q2: How and when did you decide to be a musician?

 I was 13 or 14 at the time when I first started making beats for fun. I started producing my own music and publishing them on Soundcloud. Which was when I started getting the attention. Jin (Jin Hackman) signed me when I was 18. Ever since then it became a full-time career.

Q3: Is there a creative process that you adopt to create music?

 Man, I’ll be real with you—nowadays you’ll see me a lot on CS:GO trying to get a headshot while listening to music. That’s my creative process. Music for me, is always about what you feel. Emotions. If I do nothing, I’ll have writer’s block. I take my time to create and have fun, only then will I find my melodies and harmonies and such. *laughs*

Q6: Crossover is turning 17 this year. Part of what drives the brand forward is music culture and has influenced us throughout the years. How pivotal is music as a language that bridges culture and identity?

Brands need music and music needs brands, it’s mutual. They won’t go so well without having each other I believe. Because of music, I get to know brands like Adidas, Raf Simons, Jordans and so on from the people I look up to in music.

 Let’s take Hip-Hop as an example or our own Traditional music since we’re talking culture and identity—music has helped shape that with the kind of sounds that it brings to the table to represent our roots. The stories we tell in our music. It helps us to identify that. African Americans came up with Hip-Hop and all sorts of other genres that just booms everywhere.

Q7: Impart some words of wisdom to all young aspiring musicians out there.

Get that degree and be a smart musician. Knowledge is important. If you ever feel like “I can’t do this anymore”, take a break. It helps a lot. Don’t rush trying to make music. It’s gotta be from YOU and for YOU first. Find YOU in your music. Only then, you’ll feel a lot better making one. I mean if you’re doing it for the fame and lifestyle, it’s all on you.

It’s a nonstop learning session in music. Learn how to make beats better or write better or learn to be a better artist. It’s a practice, every day. Also, once you have a name in the industry, don’t be a dick.

Don’t look up and down at someone doing the same thing as you, instead guide them, help them to chase their dreams. Only then will success have a purpose, a meaning for you. Oh, and one last thing—if the team tells you to RUSH A in CS:GO, just go. Don’t wait till the timer on the bomb expires. With love and rage from a high ping playa, Airliftz.

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