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The Adidas' Sustainability Move to End Plastic Waste

Sustainability is a uniquely holistic initiative for Adidas. Adidas is one of the very few brands taking some concrete steps to curb the current climate, pollution, and plastic waste crisis. However, they are not new in the game - Adidas has been in the grind for many years now as the company realizes that this a long fight that will take many years to win.

In their mission to end plastic waste and make the brand sustainable, Adidas has adopted several strategies to pay off in the foreseeable future. For example - the brand is vigorously looking towards ways to find substitutes to their materials that are not harmful to the environment.

On top of this, their mission now focuses on using materials that are either recycled or indigenous. So that the carbon footprint of their end products is abridged to the minimum. Adidas did not stop there; their team managed to recycle Parley Ocean Plastic to produce their goods rather than manufacturing new material from scratch.

Why Plastic Waste a Problem?

While we discuss Adidas and its brilliant sustainability strategies, it is important to look at why plastic is such a huge problem. The reason is quite simple - plastic takes 20-500 years to break down.

Adidas End Plastic Waste - CROSSOVER

Now imagine, there is plastic everywhere. All the plastic waste is eventually dumped into water bodies that end up in the ocean, which is extremely harmful to the environment.

Scientists say that by 2050 - seas will be filled with more plastic than fish. And, it doesn't stop there. Eventually, this plastic waste will enter our food chain, and the health hazard will be numerous.

Adidas recognized that we humans are all part of the problem, but that doesn't stop them from leading the solution. Instead, it makes the brand even more creative, innovative, and determined.

Joining the Mission to Help End Plastic Waste

Adidas has a very determined workforce that focuses on a multitude of factors that can help save the environment. From bringing eco-friendly innovations to the mass market to founding initiatives like Better Cotton and Fair Labor Association - Adidas has always been at the foot front when it comes to taking initiatives that are beneficial for a suitable environment.

Minimal impact on the environment is always Adidas' goal. By using recycled polyester, they reduce the environmental impact by 20-60% compared to virgin polyester. The process uses less water, chemicals, and less energy during production. It also reduces the amount of CO2 emissions that end up in our atmosphere.

And there's a very touchy reason behind it, according to Adidas "Through sport, we have the power to change lives." Because if we do not protect the ground, we're on, we soon won't have a space to play sports.

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And it's not stopping there. Adidas has launched a new campaign where they were inviting people to "Run for The Oceans" - encouraging people to participate and engage with the cause is a strong move since the scale of the problem does require effort from everyone. When people invested in a brand for many years, they are more likely to engage with the cause.

The Three Loop Strategy Helps Adidas End Plastic Waste

Adidas has a very focused Three Loop Strategy that is designed specially to tackle plastic waste and put it to an end.

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The revolutionary three-loop strategy is incorporated into the Adidas product line so they can bring change at a higher level. First, there is "Recycled Loop" which features products that are made with recycled materials - garbage collected from shores is converted into products that people love.

Second, Adidas follows a "Circular Loop" - where the old products are recycled into new products - which is an efficient way to reduce landfill dump. We all are guilty of buying stuff that we do not need; hence they end up in landfills choking river bodies. Adidas has found a way around that which will cater to excess dumping of products into landfills.

Lastly, the Adidas ocean collection, which was made from ocean waste, remember the statement that how seas will have more plastic than fish? Yes, this line is designed to curb that crisis.

Collaboration to Create Change

However, it is imprudent to think that Adidas can alone, stop the climate crisis and put an end to plastic waste. There are millions of companies around the world, manufacturing products that contain plastic. And, in a few years or months, that waste will end up in rivers, oceans, and landfills, taking years to decompose.

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This cause will take a collective effort - Adidas is taking this fact into account and collaborating with several other companies. Their spectrum is wide with a wide variety of organizations such as Carbon, Stella McCartney, and Parley Network. All these collaborations are reflective of a holistic approach by Adidas which reflects that everything should be considered while raving for change practically.

Adidas as a Change Leader in the Industry

The commitment of Adidas to sustainability had started before the topic gained public attention. For 20 years, Adidas has been a change leader in the industry. Their fight to end plastic waste is the best expression of the purpose that, which is, through sport, we have the power to change lives.

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