Roots & Origins : Timex

Timex were first established as Waterbury Clock Company (WCC) by mass producing affordable clocks in the 19th century at Connecticut’s Naugatuck Valley, known as the “Switzerland of America” during that time. The company then started to expand its business by opening a wholesale store in New York while building depots in Chicago, San Francisco and across the Atlantic in London and Glasgow. WCC produced pocket watch first in 1896, known that time as the ‘dollar watch’, before it is made into wristwatch specially crafted for soldiers in 1917 and then picked up by civilian 3 years later.

In 1933, WCC made Mickey Mouse® Character Watch under its 1921’s bought company, Ingersoll, with Mickey’s hands pointing the time under exclusive Disney license and selling at $1.50 during the Great Depression. Two million Mickey Mouse watches were sold making it the company’s first million-dollar watch line.

The military affair started in 1940s where WCC found a new ownership under Thomas Olsen and Joakim Lehmkuhl and changed its manufacturing to support the war works in the interim of WWII, producing more high quality mechanically-timed artillery and anti-aircraft fuses than any other allied source. The company at that time were renamed as ‘United States Time Corporation’.  Their classic tagline are the renowned “It Takes A Licking and Keeps On Ticking” referring to its tough nature in all sorts of working environment.



The company made a brand named ‘Timex’ in 1950s after the creation of world’s first inexpensive yet reliable mechanical watch movement, a result of extensive research and development and advanced mass production techniques, all progressed during the US warring time.1969, looking at their worldwide success of the Timex brand, the company then renamed as ‘Timex Corporation’.


Timex since then continues to develop and deliver impressive technology with timeless detailing throughout the years like the breakthrough Indiglo function where the dial lit up a cool light.

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