New Balance Grey Day - CROSSOVER

Grey is an iconic colour that brings together fans of New Balance, and we honour this heritage with Grey Day. With “Worn by Anyone” driving the message and expression of the campaign, it is a story of unity.

For this year New Balance Grey Day, Crossover has teamed up with a group of selected individuals from diversified fields who embodied fearless independent spirit & authenticity as the timeless model itself in their respective industries.

New Balance Grey Day - CROSSOVER

Q1. What project are you currently creating?

JD: Currently I have some collaboration with few brands, and I hope can create more opportunities through this.

William: I'm currently working with the team on FTMD, upcoming collection, also some collaboration project between local and international labels. Never stop creating!

Huan: Expanding my social media platform and finding more quality merchants to partner with. Continuing my passion and chasing my career is my daily dedication.

Fed: I am in process of creating a new collab with a brand soon, perhaps something new to the trend.

Jane: I’m currently working on my new workspace that hopefully it will be done by June. Never stop Creating!

Q2. Grey Day has been a very significant campaign especially among New Balance fans. Tell us, what is Grey Day to you?

JD: Grey day is like explicitly anti-newness, remind me how to stay authentic in this fast-growing digital world.

William: As a sneakers fan, I’m looking forward to Grey Day since the year it started, hence I will see some newest sneakers release along with creative campaign comes from the NB global creative team! Also, Grey Day reminds me of my previous working experience, to designed and curated a Grey Day themed exhibition booth installation for Sneakerlah in 2019, and it received overwhelming responses from the sneaker's scene, no doubt that was one of my career highlights and it means a lot to me as me myself a NB fans.

Huan: Grey day immediately means new balance in my mind.

Fed: Grey day means to me like an anniversary for New Balance fans to celebration and share.

Jane: Grey day to be is a day where I would love to take a time off to just focus on myself.

New Balance Grey Day - CROSSOVER
New Balance Grey Day - CROSSOVER

Q3. Grey is a color that most synonym with being timeless & classic. What does “Grey” means to you as an artist and in your creative approach?

JD: Grey is neutral and balanced Color. When I started to learn photography, I was fascinated with black & white master Fan Ho, and I learn to visualize my subject and the composition in shades of grey.

William: Grey means balance to me. In color psychology, grey represent balance as well. As a designer, I understand how balance in design plays a key role to create a perfect composition for a visual/object to look “right”.

Huan: Grey to me is a tranquil color, very calm, and subtly stands out amongst a mess of colors. Grey isn't black, but not white either, its mysterious like sending off a signal to not get too close .

Fed: To me, Grey represents the brand’s relentless drive to boldly explore the infinite possibilities of vast unknown.

Jane: To me “Grey” means freedom of expression. That means judgements, just pure creativity

New Balance Grey Day - CROSSOVER

Q4. “Worn by Anyone" is the driving message behind the 574 model. How do you relate to this notion in your work?

JD: 574 is no exception with its timeless design and ability to complement almost any look so I believe anyone can look cool and stay in rotation no matter what else happening in the style ecosystem.

William: Regardless of skin color, race, gender, age, body shape or profession, this is my understanding of “Worn by Anyone”, it is also the ultimate goal I want to achieve when designing clothes/sneakers.

Huan: "Worn by anyone" - this doesn't just apply to 574, it's my ethos in fashion actually. Not limited by fashion pieces or combinations, and not easily displaced over time.

Fed: “Worn by Anyone” Spirit via the senses, it’s also an unmissable chance for everyone.

Jane: When I started Motherchuckers, pieces are designed to be worn by anyone. I believe in personal style hence I would love to see how my buyers would wear them in their own way.

Q5. How do you remain authentic & inspiring in your creative outputs and approach?

JD: Always stay in learning curve and be true to yourself. William: Keep my spirits and passion burning!

Huan: Do what you believe in, be humble and stay hungry.

Fed: I remain authentic & inspiring by breaking old thinking patterns, another way to generate new ideas is to make new and unexpected connections.

Jane: Being authentic as a person is what I believe in. We live in a space where creativity flows freely, and we are constantly inspired by something. I would say to always stay curious as it has always made a great creativity impact.

New Balance Grey Day - CROSSOVER
New Balance Grey Day - CROSSOVER
New Balance Grey Day - CROSSOVER

Special Thanks: JD, William, Huan, Fed, Jane

Interview: Jem | Translation: Khalisa Johari | Photography: JD Chang | Editor: KJ