Nothign Phone (2a) Special Edition at Crossover

Phone (2a) Special Edition

Adam Bates

“We are very happy to unveil Phone (2a) Special Edition. The first product to explore our palette of the primary colours; red, blue and yellow. Its overall aesthetic references some of our design heroes from the past, whilst creating a new expression for a smartphone. Elevating a functional device into a striking piece of art."

said Adam Bates, Design Director at Nothing.

Nothing Design Director

Phone (2a) Special Edition

Phone (2a) Special Edition is a story of colour, told through Nothing most powerfully unique smartphone yet. 

At the very core of Nothing is transparency. This idea of distilling things down to their most basic, yet beautiful form. If they apply this notion to colour Nothing are left with red, yellow and blue. 

Special Edition celebrates primary colours and their place within Nothing’s brand identity.