What’s your flavour? This season, Vans draws design inspiration from acrossborders and cultures in its launch of a limited series based on traits of specialcuisines in Changsha, Chengdu, Shanghai, South Korea and Japan.

There’s just no separating good, local street food in any culture, especially not in Asia, where themelting pot of culture is evident in every bite and sensation. Creative self-expression thrives asgroups of likeminded food lovers gather, much like how Vans hopes to pass on the skateboarding culture.

The Asia Pilot City Pack series is modeled on the established OG silhouettes; Old Skool,Authentic, Slip-On, Sk8-Mid, together with this year’s new and improved Knu Skool thrown in themix. The final ingredients? Integrate local snacks in its product design that you get to wear.

Delightful.First up, we have the traditional snack from Changsha, Hunan—the Changsha Stinky Tofu. TheSk8-Mid shoes were honored with a similar black finish; the upper takes on an old-fashioned lookto create an “uneven” appearance, contrasted with green shoelaces for that sweet, cracklingcolor blocking.

Vans awards the next local delicacy from Shanghai, the pan-fried buns, to the Style 36. Theoverall design emulates the rich history of the aforementioned snack with its golden bottom andwhite “dough-like” upper half. White granule printing decorates the edges, reminiscent of whitesesame seeds.

There’s nothing cooler than a bowl of ice jelly or Bingfen in the summertime, especially to thelocal folks of Chengdu. A common but essential street food during summer, it’s often paired withhaw flakes, wolfberries, raisins, and other fruits. It heavily inspired the design of the Authenticshoes, most obvious in its impression of the colours of ice jelly. Its transparent sole reflects thatof the ice jellies themselves, fluffy and cool, while the different shades of pink perfectly meld withits light pink body and checkerboarded edges.

On top of the three silhouettes inspired by local Chinese snacks, we now have the classicslip-ons, inspired by Korean sweet pancakes. Evocative of the colour (and maybe even thearoma by a tiny bit), the body of the shoe is caramel-colored, while the checkerboarded toe capcan be removed for flexibility in style.

The Vans Knu Skool gets a Japanese makeover in the form of the triangular Japanese rice ball oronigiri. The waist side stays as white as the rice, while the toe, eyelets and heel are dyed in similargreen hues to the nori, the edible Japanese seaweed that wraps around the rice balls. While wecertainly don’t recommend taking a bite, we definitely encourage taking it out for a fun spin.

The Vans Asia Pilot Pack is now available at Crossover instore and online.