Radiohead’s Resurrection : A Moon Shaped Pool

And Why Its Important 

The moment Radiohead’s Instagram account is wiped clean, the whole world has started to speculate on the band’s calm before storm which then is confirmed with the release of two singles ‘Burn The Witch’ and ‘Daydreaming’ before the ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’  full album is out in digital platforms like iTunes and Apple Music for purchase and streaming respectively. Radiohead’s official website offered a pre-order to the album’s CD version to be out by 16th June while its special edition vinyl/digital/etc scheduled to release by September. 

A brief absence of Radiohead’s new releases since their 2011’s ‘The King of Limbs’ causes an uproar of excitement among music enthusiasts with no official notice or the likes, the album drops right on a Mother’s Day and of course, relying on the band’s inclination to cryptic message, its just necessary for their die hard fans to find any possible secrecies and decoding them. The joy of Radiohead’s resurgence could be felt wavering throughout the music industry, a true bliss in the midst of what seems like a chaotic fight of charts reign. 

Radiohead may not be just anybody’s cup of tea, preferentially saying, for its grim, dark, continuous exploration that's almost mystical is hard to celebrate conventionally. Yet, in between the lots of adrenaline-pumping, heartbeat rising ear candy that are taking over the chars while playing relentlessly in the radio, ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ holds the role of a savior to the mankind’s cochlea, summoning an obscure tranquility from within.

Here’s the full tracklist of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’. All tracks written by Radiohead and produced by Radiohead and Nigel Godrich :

01 Burn The Witch
02 Daydreaming
03 Decks Dark
04 Desert Island Disk
05 Ful Stop
06 Glass Eyes
07 Identikit
08 The Numbers
09 Present Tense
10 Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
11 True Love Waits