Past, Present, Future : Red Wing

The Boots of Heritage

Red Wing Shoe Company, named after where its founded, Red Wing, Minnesota, was created by Charles Beckman, a local successful shoemaker with the support of 14 investors in 1905. The shoe company aspires to create a comfortable and functioning shoes for working industries like mining, farming and logging. The original boot were released in the same year it was found, complete with buckles and laces for fit. Heavyweight leather were involved and each pair of shoes are made by hand at its first Plant located at the corner of Main Street and Potter.
As it continues to gain recognition, demands coming in from other industries for functional boots to align with their occupations. Red Wing developed shoes for the oil field workers around 1920 called ‘Oil King Boots’ and since then, it continues to provide functional shoes for every industry possible. In 1940, Red Wing organizes a mobile shoe sales, a boots store that maneuver around workplaces to accommodate workers and it runs for 20 years. A classic 877 model, Irish Setter, is named so for its color resembles the breed’s coat in 1952.
Founded in 1887, Red Wing acquired S.B. Foot Tanning Company in 1987, an additional that connects to their practise of creating by hand, largely unchanged since its first batch of shoes are made. Making it a seamless in-house production which began at this point. Another method and material that remain unchanged is Goodyear welting which also contributed to Red Wing’s products to last and performs well.
Today, the centurial Red Wing has an extensive line of classic products that has improved its design and has expanded from the American continent to all over the world.
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