Interview : OBSCR x Crossover "ADORE" Collection

OBSCR, a name derived from the word ‘Obscure’, are a young apparel label that are rapidly growing to become street enthusiasts next favorite thing. A combination of two different minds, Bryan Lim & Ethan Curzon, OBSCR are looking into putting their own interpretation of design out there with variant of concepts for sporting garments.


Crossover and OBSCR has worked on a collection namely ‘Adore’ for end of 2017. Check out their thoughts on the collaboration on this exclusive interview below :


How did OBSCR & Crossover came across each other?

We met Crossover's main man, Jem, about 4 years back at a Crossover event and have become good friends since then. We shared ideas of starting our own clothing brand (OBSCR) and Jem supported and gave loads of advice on how we should start our own clothing brand.


We had similar direction that we were working towards to, which led to this collaboration.

Since then, we have always talked about a ‘OBSCR X Crossover’ collaboration and on working together to create a collection. With this, we are also honoured that Crossover has allowed us to use their first ever logo which is about 10 years old in the designs of this collaboration.

What are the inspiration behind this OBSCR x Crossover collection?

The inspiration came from a painting that resembled the clouds in the sky. The word “ADORE” fits perfectly in this situation. Whenever you admire the beautiful skies at dawn, or sunset you Adore as if it was a painting or an art work.  


Can you tell us more in detail about the inspiration?

The clouds are a natural form of element on this earth for everyone to see through the sense of sight. Art is a form of expression through our 5 senses-- sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The connection between reality and expressionism in the form of art should be adorned. We want to encourage the society to understand the artistic cultural aesthetics by raising questions and curiosity behind visual images.


Any specific reason that abstract art are the theme/concept for this collaboration?

Art was a gem during the renaissance movement leading up towards the modern era. Some of the artist such as Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso influenced our thought-process. Fast forward to the present society of modern digital art, we don’t appreciate art the way our past-culture did and we don’t engage in art the same way as it used to be. This is why abstract art was the theme of this collaboration as a reminder of traditional painting method and Polaroid frame as a symbol of modern digital production.


Lastly, would you like to share with us on what’s next for OBSCR?

Upcoming, we are dropping an exclusive capsule collection entitled “© Obscr Digital Entertainment”. The idea was to establish a juxtaposition of OBSCR as an imaginary video game company that creates football video games.


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